The Statement of account of Maksimus Holding (pursuit the Factoring Agreement)

The document shows that on December 16, 2015 Bosnalijek payed Maksimus Holding 2,233,543 euro as factoring fee.

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The Annex to the Factoring Agreement with Maksimus Holding

The document shows that on October 12, 2015, Bosnalijek and Maksimus Holding, a Slovenian company, signed a factoring agreement, according to which the latter was assigned the receivables worth 9,998,713 euro from the Russian company GRAMA. According to the Annex factoring fee amounted to 2,233,543 euro, i.e. more than 22% (!!!) of the value of the receivables.

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The 13th Appeal Arbitration Court’s determination (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

The Court’s determination (page 2) proves that on December 30, 2016 the management of Bosnalijek had assigned the debt of Imperia Sodruzhestvo (total sum 16,5 million EUR) to Maksimus Holding, a Slovenian company (the document is in Russian).

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