Nedim Uzunović

On October 12, 2015, Nedim Uzunović signed from behalf of Bosnalijek a Factoring Agreement with Maksimus Holding, a Slovenian company. According to this agreement Maksimus Holding was assigned the receivables worth 9,998,713 euro from the Russian company GRAMA. The factoring fee paid by Bosnalijek amounted to 2,233,543 euro, i.e. more than 22% of the value of the receivables. At least part of the money was withdrawn on accounts of companies affiliated with Slobodan Purić and Salomon J. Augapfel, business partners of Nedim Uzunović.

On December 30, 2016 Nedim Uzunović assigned the debt worth 16,5 mln euro of Imperia Sodruzhestvo to Maksimus Holding. As a result of this suspicious deal made without approval of the Supervisory Board Bosnalijek remained without the rights to the debt worth a company’s 3-years net profit.

In March 2017, Bosnalijek’s largest Russian distributors Puls and Protek received a notification from the Moscow office of the manufacturer, which informed them on the assignment of Bosnalijek’s receivables to Close Ville sro, a Czech company. According to the notification, the recipients were required to transfer due funds to the accounts of Close Ville. The economic motivation of this assignment is unclear. Close Ville gives the impression of a dummy company bought from former owners shortly before the assignment solely for questionable financial transactions with Bosnalijek’s funds.

In December 2016 Nedim Uzunović initiated the removal of Konstantin Zevlov from the position of the chairman of the Bosnalijek Supervisory Board, and replaced him with Edin Dizdar. Several days later, at a special meeting on 27.12.2016, Supervisory Board made a decision to increase the capital stock by issuing additionally 1 million shares. The shares were placed by private subscription. Haden considers this decision illegal and is currently litigating it at the cantonal court of BiH.

On May 23, 2017, shortly before the annual meeting of the shareholders, the Uzunović-controlled Supervisory Board made a snap decision to extend his term as the director for four years.

On June 3, 2017 at the initiative of Nedim Uzunović Haden’s list of nominees to the Supervisory Board wasn’t admitted to voting at the annual meeting of Bosnalijek’s shareholders for made-up reasons.