SIPA reported Nedim Uzunović

The director of Bosnalijek Nedim Uzunović was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH because of the suspicion that he was at the head of an organized criminal group that in 2016, through the company’s offshore company, bought 673 thousand Bosnalijek shares, part of which was owned by the Government of the Federation of BiH.

According to Žurnal information, in addition to Uzunović, SIPA has reported Heinz Karta Rendolf of Germany, Horst Michaela Baiera of the Czech Republic, Saif Udin Alvia of Pakistan, Mangilal Kalani from India, three offshore companies that are used for transactions.

Criminal activities started in the Czech Republic, when in 2016 this group in Prague founded the company Close Ville. Immediately after that, the director of Bosnalijek signed a contract according to which a company from the Czech Republic will collect the receivables from Russia, which are otherwise regularly paid to Bosnalijek. These are claims in the amount of 23.8 million marks from companies Protek Moscow and Puls Khimki.

“The parties are,” the agreement states, “agreed that Close Ville will retain a commission of 10 percent.”

This contract, however, was not archived at all in Bosnalijek, and the company from the Czech Republic initially retained the complete Bosnalijek claims from Russia.

“Only after SIPA began controlling Bosnalijek’s business, a company from the Czech Republic began to transfer part of the money collected from Russia through Sberbank”, it says in the documents submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

The company from Prague thus retained 5.2 million marks, which at the beginning of 2017 was transferred to the account of KBC Malta.

“In order to hide the origin of the money, the applicants performed a series of transactions based on previously concluded loan agreements,” SIPA found.

Thus, the money from the Czech Republic was transferred to Russia, then to Switzerland, then to Bermuda, and finally to Malta, in the account opened by KBC EURO CREDIT CAPITAL LIMITED. With this money, KBC Malta buys 673,000 shares of Bosnalijek, and becomes the owner of 24.23 percent of this company.

KBC Malta was the key partner of the Government of the Federation of BiH and Prime Minister Fadil Novalic when, at the end of 2016, through the Sarajevo Stock Exchange, they sold the state share in Bosnalijek. The government did not say that the shares were sold offshore, but by announcing the decision of the Securities Commission, it was revealed that it was offshore KBC Malta, managed by Uzunović’s partner Mangilal Kalani, who is in fact only a formal owner.

Source: Zurnal.Info, 29.06.2018